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Discipleship Year

Growing as disciples of Jesus for a life of adventure following Christ.

What is the Discipleship Year program?

The Discipleship program is all about growing as disciples of Jesus for a life of adventure with him. During this year you’ll be equipped, empowered and encouraged to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Our aim is that by the end of the year you will be a ‘disciple-making disciple’ serving Jesus and his Kingdom with the whole of your life for the whole of your life.

  • Go deeper in your relationship with God
  • Grow stronger in who God has made you to be and the purpose he has for your life
  • Get involved by serving in a local church
  • Discover, exercise and nurture your spiritual gifts and passions
  • Be challenged to step out, risk and see God work through you

The Discipleship program is for 18-24(ish) year olds with a hunger to seek God and discover their calling. This life-changing year offers the opportunity to dedicate time to be equipped, empowered and encouraged in order to know how to advance the kingdom of God in today's world. It’s about serving Jesus and His Kingdom with the whole of your life for the whole of your life.

Cottingham Road Baptist Church will provide biblical teaching, training and mentoring to help you deepen your knowledge and experience of God. We'll help you explore your unique calling and exercise and nurture your unique gifts and passions within a community in which you can both serve and grow in Christ.

So that you can fully dedicate the year to growing in Christ and discovering His purposes for you, a grant covering living expenses and accommodation is available.

You do not need to be a member of a Baptist Church to apply, but obviously a passionate desire to know God and His will for you and a willingness to serve others is a prerequisite!

Interested for 2018/19?

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Chanterlands Avenue (North),
Kingston Upon Hull,
East Yorkshire. UK.

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Phone: 01482 841907
Room Hire: 01482 447913

Rev Richard Sherlock